BSc, M.Chiro

Experienced practitioner using a holistic individualised patient approach,
getting you back to what you love doing.
It’s a privilege to serve the community of Brighton and Hove by providing quality physical health care.

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Mountain Biking
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Kick Boxing
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Outdoor Aerobics

My Background

I have undertaken five years of full time study, completing two degrees; BSc in Anatomy and Physiology and a Master of Chiropractic Degree at Macquarie University, Sydney in 2000.

I am also a trained masseur, personal trainer and completed the first Trager approach bodywork course run in the UK.

I also regularly attend a wide range of Physical Therapy workshops to improve and widen my skills.

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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers


What do you treat?

I treat disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system that can result in acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and muscular injuries/pain.

What methods do you use?

I use a combination of pain education, manipulation/mobilisation, neural mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, stretches and exercise to decrease pain and improve function.
Patients are also given individualised rehabilitative programs that combine: self-mobilization, stretches and functional retraining to improve balance, strength and co-ordination.
These challenging programs do require time, effort and discipline!

Can you guarantee results?

Manual therapy results do vary, I cannot guarantee results, but I can promise you satisfaction in your care. If you are not satisfied I will return my fee.

My practice is based on word of mouth. If patients have a positive experience they are likely to tell others - this avoids costly advertising.

Thoughts on patient self care?

I strongly believe in giving patients tools to enable them to reduce their own pain and disability, thus minimising long-term repeated courses of manual therapy and practitioner dependence.

 “If there is the slightest chance that patients can be educated in a method of treatment that enables them to reduce their own pain and disability using their own understanding and resources, they should receive that education. Every patient is entitled to this information, and every therapist should be obliged to provide it.”  

          Robin McKenzie OBE, FCSP, FNZP (Hons), DIP MT

What is your philosophy?

My philosophy is simple: to help the patient to reach their optimum function using the best available theory, knowledge and techniques available.

I adhere to no particular belief system or technique, but endeavour to synthesise best practice from all manual medicine disciplines best suited to the individual patient.

Do you use x-rays?

X-rays are not usually required for the diagnosis of spinal or other conditions treatable by manual therapy.

X-rays are sometimes required to rule out more serious underlying conditions such as spinal fractures or pathology. It is rarely necessary to X-ray infants and children.

What are your fees?


Cost £50          60 - 75  minutes


Cost £40          30 – 45 minutes

Can I get a same day appointment?

Unfortunately due Covid protocols I am only working two days a week. But you are welcome to call me for advice which may help until you can see me.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

I am a registered with the General Chiropractic Council. If your insurance includes Chiropractic care you are covered.

Opening Hours (limited)

It is with great regret I have to open with limited opening  times due to stringent infection control protocols necessary.

Note there will be a  telephone Covid pre-screening interview for all patients.

Monday 14:00 - 19:00

Tuesday  9:00  -  14:00

Contact me on 07811025911


“A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession”

Hippocrates 330 BC

Physical Therapy

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25 Lyminster Ave, Brighton BN1 8JL, UK

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