Resources in no particular order that maybe of help

Tasmania Heath  booklet on persistant pain.

Ben Cormack's excellent booklet on persistant pain.

Paul Ingraham has some great articles on his website: 

on X-ray and MRI.

Using Voltarol

Tony Genticore  lifting weights with disc injury?

Dr Stuart McGill stretches for low back pain:

Dr Stuart MGill's Big 3 stability Exercises by Squat University

Josh Renkins on using a foam roller for increased thoracic mobility:

Thinking about gym training for strength at any age, start with compound exercises like these from musclemonsters:

Videos which contain the latest knowledge about modern pain science by experts in their field.

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Myth of core Stability (11 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Cognitive Functional Therapy (14 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Why Things Hurt (TEDxAdelaide) (15 min)

Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: General health and immune function in chronic pain (15 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Expanding Our Management Approach for Patients in Pain (15 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Back pain, separating fact from fiction (16 min)

Silje Endresen Reme: Factors involved in persistant pain and who is susceptible (TEDxNHH) (18 min)

Max Zusman: Pain, Movement and Manual Therapy (19 min)

Dr Tasha Stanton: Osteoarthritis and the brain (25 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: The role of communication in clinical practice (25 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: New directions in managing non-specific CLBP (25 min)

Dr. Neil O´Connell: Effectiveness in chronic pain (37 min)

Dr. Greg Lehman – Re-evaluating the biomechanical approach to pain (37 min)

Dr. Jo Nijs: Treatment of central sensitization pain (38 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Getting a grip on pain and the brain (40 min)

Neil Pearson: Overcome pain part 1 (44 min)

Neil Pearson: Overcome pain part 2 (41 min)

Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: When is spinal pain less about the spine? (45 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Pain, Do you really get it? (46 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley Pain, Is it all just in your mind? (48 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Modern Brain and Pain Science (59 min)

David Butler: Treating Pain Using the Brain (75 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley and others: Enterprising Partnerships Talk (79 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Making Sense of Low Back Pain (84 min)

Lorimer Moseley and others: Pain Making it personal (87 min)

Focused symposium with Moseley, Butler, Thacker, Louw: Pain Management 2012 (1 hour and 30 min)