Tasmania Heath  booklet on persistant pain

Ben Cormack's excellent booklet on persistant pain

Paul Ingraham has some great articles on his website: 

on X-ray and MRI


Tony Genticore  lifting weights with disc injury ?

Josh Renkins on using a foam roller for increased thoracic mobility:

Videos which contain the latest knowledge about modern pain science by experts in their field.

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Myth of core Stability (11 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Cognitive Functional Therapy (14 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Why Things Hurt (TEDxAdelaide) (15 min)

Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: General health and immune function in chronic pain (15 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Expanding Our Management Approach for Patients in Pain (15 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Back pain, separating fact from fiction (16 min)

Silje Endresen Reme: Factors involved in persistant pain and who is susceptible (TEDxNHH) (18 min)

Max Zusman: Pain, Movement and Manual Therapy (19 min)

Dr Tasha Stanton: Osteoarthritis and the brain (25 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: The role of communication in clinical practice (25 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: New directions in managing non-specific CLBP (25 min)

Dr. Neil O´Connell: Effectiveness in chronic pain (37 min)

Dr. Greg Lehman – Re-evaluating the biomechanical approach to pain (37 min)

Dr. Jo Nijs: Treatment of central sensitization pain (38 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Getting a grip on pain and the brain (40 min)

Neil Pearson: Overcome pain part 1 (44 min)

Neil Pearson: Overcome pain part 2 (41 min)

Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: When is spinal pain less about the spine? (45 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Pain, Do you really get it? (46 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley Pain, Is it all just in your mind? (48 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley: Modern Brain and Pain Science (59 min)

David Butler: Treating Pain Using the Brain (75 min)

Professor Lorimer Moseley and others: Enterprising Partnerships Talk (79 min)

Professor Peter O’Sullivan: Making Sense of Low Back Pain (84 min)

Lorimer Moseley and others: Pain Making it personal (87 min)

Focused symposium with Moseley, Butler, Thacker, Louw: Pain Management 2012 (1 hour and 30 min)

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